Guidelines for oral presentation

The presentation time will be 9 minutes plus 3 minutes for discussion.

In order to guarantee perfect operation, we ask you to observe the following points.

The following programs and formats are supported:
· Microsoft Office 2007/ 2010 / 2013 / 2016 (PowerPoint)

  • The aspect ratio in which the presentation was created must be specified 4:3/16:9/ we recommend 16:9 → not recommended 16:10
  • If a presentation has not been created with Windows standard fonts, the required fonts must be included in the delivery.
  • Care must generally be taken to ensure that fonts that are too small are not used (above font 12 recommended).
  • If tables are inserted, the font size must be checked, as there is a risk of illegibility.


Guidelines for poster presentation

All posters will be up for the whole week with presentation times in the morning and afternoon breaks.

Please prepare your poster to fit the A0 Portrait dimensions 84.1cm x 118.9cm.

! Please note that there will not be enough space to mount landscape-formatted poster.

There will be no possibility to display digital posters.


Guidelines for flash poster presentation

Your regular poster will have its designated poster location along all other posters.

Additionally there will be 3 minutes to present your poster plus 2 minutes for discussion in the designated flash poster presentation area in the exhibition hall.

For the flash poster presentation, we kindly ask you to prepare up to three PowerPoint slides covering your poster. Please note that we encourage you to solely use snippets of your poster for the slides and avoid preparing separate slides. There is no need to include a title slide.